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Fête des tabernacles ACIJ




                        de : Paule Bessac
Sujet : Fw: Tabernacles - Herald of Things to Come...

Chers amis,
Cette année, la célébration chrétienne de la Fête des Tabernacles de l'Ambassade Chrétienne Internationale de Jérusalem pourra être suivie en live sur votre écran d'ordinateur. Les directives ci-dessous sont en anglais. Mais si vous cliquez, à la fin de la lettre de Malcolm Hedding, ci-après, sur Sign up Today, vous serez invités à inscrire vos coordonnées, ce qui vous permettra d'être avertis par e-mail de la diffusion des manifestations importantes de la semaine..
Ne vous privez pas de regarder les vidéos qui vous sont proposées dans ce message, qui vous donneront un avant-goût de cette Fête 2010. Je vous joins également le programme traduit destiné aux participants français pour vous donner une idée du déroulement de cette Fête merveilleuse, du 23 au 29 septembre, sur le thème : "Jérusalem - une louange sur la terre"
C'est l'annonce de la grande Fête du Royaume de Dieu que nous célèbrerons un jour prochain avec notre Sauveur bien-aimé Yeshouah !
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23–29 SEPTEMBRE 2010

Dear Paule, 

Malcolm 90x90Each year, the Jewish 'High Holy Days' remind us of God’s scrutiny over our lives and thus the need to live lives that please Him.

The New Year celebration of Rosh Hashana, is immediately followed by the "Ten Days of Awe" - a time to prepare his heart for the great Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur which begins this Friday at sundown. It is a time for us to focus upon God’s grace in providing an effective atonement for sins.

This awesome "Day" is set apart or sanctified by national fasting and prayer. On this "Day" nothing moves in Israel. The roads are quiet and empty and there is a real sense of something different in the air! It is truly a day for one to humble oneself under the mighty "hand of God." In the end then it speaks of a redeemed nation living under the blessings and approval of God. Righteousness befits the people of God and blessed is the nation that embraces it!

No wonder, just a few days later, Yom Kippur is followed by the joyous celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. Those who know God enjoy His blessings and have good reason to rejoice.

All of this can be applied to us as Christians. We have great and special lessons to learn from a proper understanding of The Feasts of the Lord. However, these same Feasts also speak directly to Israel as a nation. They remind us that we share in "their spiritual things" and that, though God will correct them, He will nevertheless, redeem them and bring them into a wonderful time of joy and thanksgiving.

The Prophet Zechariah, in the fourteenth chapter of his book, wrote about this time of great joy that will not only befall Israel but indeed the whole world. The world will celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles!

These things are sure, that is they will come to pass, and this why we have been called by God to comfort, bless and stand with Israel. For over thirty years we have celebrated God's faithfulness to Israel as a prophetic herald of things to come.

This year, you and your family can experience the Feast of Tabernacles LIVE from Jerusalem.

Sign up today to receive email alerts and detailed viewing instructions - if you haven't already done so already - and please pass this email on to others in your church or family who might want to worship with us.

This year in Jerusalem!

Malcolm Signature

Rev. Malcolm Hedding
ICEJ Executive Director

P.S. Take a moment to view the ICEJ's 30th Anniversary Video on our homepage - a tribute to the prayers and faithful support of so many who have stood with us these past three decades and who continue to stand with us financially today. Thank you!

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